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So, you’ve got a bald tyre, a looming MOT, or even a temporary wheel due to yesterday’s puncture. You maybe don’t fancy going direct to your local garage and risk paying way too much.

Tyres are remarkably ‘elastic’ in price. With us, you don’t have to rely on awkward negotiations, you just get a great price, first time.

Best4Tyres was set up with the sole intention of offering a cheap, quick and simple tyre choice for car owners – especially those who have not purchased online before.

The site is designed to offer you genuinely useful advice to empower you to make good choices.

The company is owned by Roger Green. His direct email is roger.green@best4tyres.com We are based in Edinburgh with 3 Helpdesk workers to answer or field your calls. We’re not a huge company – in fact we have only been trading since 2011, but we hope we can tick all boxes for you with choice, advice and service.

Any feedback or requests (for example a new local fitter request) are always warmly received.

Meet the Best4Tyres team


Best4Tyres mascot

Henry Hedgehog

Henry Hedgehog

Henry is a staunch campaigner for safe road tyres. We found him by a road side  in October 2011 having narrowly escaped a road traffic accident.  The car in question managed to dodge Henry, but skidded from the road and was later found to have a tyre tread less than the legal minimum 1.6mm. This near death accident resulted in Henry offering to work part time (mornings only) at Best4Tyres Ltd.

Favourite Film  -  Over the Hedge

Favourite Holiday Destination  -  Mouldy leaves under shed

Favourite Song  -  Escape from the City, Sonic the Hedgehog

Roger, Best4Tyres

Roger Green

Roger Green

Roger set up Best4Tyres in 2011. With the experience of having founded and grown a UK wide national contract cleaning firm (www.spotlessclean.co.uk) it was a new market with new challenges. It has so far been a journey of fun and enjoyment as he seeks to grow the company to be a main player in the UK online tyre market.

For a full profile, see http://www.linkedin.com/in/rogergreen01

Favourite Film  -  Chariots of Fire

Favourite Holiday Destination  -  Formentera, off Ibiza

Favourite Song  -  Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

Amber Jackson

Amber Jackson

Amber Jackson

Amber joined Best4Tyres in December 2014 as an admin and marketing intern, having recently graduated in Classics and Late Antique Studies. She is excited to have joined the team and is looking forward to learning all about tyres!

Favourite Film – The Lord of the Rings

Favourite Holiday Destination  -  Isle of Islay

Favourite Song  -  I Need My Girl (The National)

Louise, Best4Tyres

Louise Gillan

Louise Gillan

Louise joined Best4Tyres in January 2013 as part of the Helpdesk Team. She has over 12 years customer service background.

Favourite Film – Bridesmaids

Favourite Holiday Destination  -  Egypt

Favourite Song  -  Whippin Piccadilly (Gomez)


Six Reasons To Order Today From Best4Tyres.com

Cheap Online Inclusive Tyre Pricing

Cheaper than the traditional high street chains.

Don’t Pay Your Tyre Fitting Upfront

Pay our fitters direct once the work is completed.

UK Wide Local Fitting Network

Expert professional local fitters located across the UK.

Unbeatable Range of Quality Tyres

Our range includes budget, mid range and premium tyres.

Fast and Efficient Ordering Service

Simple quick process with tyres fitted in as little as 48 hours.

Safe and Secure Online Payments Via SagePay

Industry leading safe online payment system.

Best4Tyres.com is a company registered in Scotland with company number SC400738 & VAT number 113760733.
Registered office address is: Chesters House, NR Morham, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 4LJ.