BMW X5 Tyres


BMW X5 Overview

The BMW X5 is a luxury 4×4 vehicle that was first released back in 1999.  It was the companies first 4×4 and has proved to be very popular.  Now on its third generation the second revision of the X5 was first released in 2006.  The X5 is mainly designed for road use but does have light off-road ability and uses the BMW 5 series platform as a base.  The success of the X5 has the seen company spin off and create the smaller X3 and the midsize X6.

BMW X5 Design

The current and third generation BMW X5 also known as the F15 is classed as a SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle to emphasie its road use.  It was first released in May 2013.  The New X5 design is leaning more towards the current 3 and 5 series designs.  The X5 is assembled in the United States, Mexico and Russia while sharing the same platform at the X6.  The previous generation X5 was the BMW’s third best selling car behind the 3 and 5 series.

BMW X5 Engines

The new BMW X5 is available with three engines in both petrol and diesel.

4.4 L 450 BHP V8 Petrol

3.0 L 258 BHP I6 Turbo Diesel

BMW X5 Technology

BMW xDrive

This is a four-wheel drive system that will adapt to any road surface to deliver optimum traction and performance.  Sensors will constantly monitor the vehicle and adapt to keep the vehicle stable and ensure grip.

BMW Active Steering

This technology optimises steering depending on the conditions.  At slow speeds the steering angle is increased to make cornering easier and at high speed the system delivers a more indirect ratio to allow for reduced steering movements.

BMW Adaptive Suspension

The Adaptive Suspension technology ensures high levels of comfort depending on the conditions.  The system features a comfort mode for cruising and a Dynamic setting for a more sporty drive.

BMW Night Vision

This system identifies and highlights people and large animals in the distance.  Using a thermal image camera in the radiator the image is then displayed in your Driver Information System.  Alerts are also produced in the head-up display.

BMW Reverse Assist

This system allows you to see what is behind you when manouvering or parking.  Track lines will show you if the space is big enough for the vehicle and will show hazards in colour.

BMW X5 Tyre Sizes

The new BMW X5 tyres fitted to the vehicle come in a range of sizes depending on your model and variant.  Some of the different tyre sizes are listed below:

Front: 255/50R19
Rear:  285/34R19



BMW X5 Tyres Original Equipment

The original equipment BMW X5 tyres supplied with your vehicle will vary based on the model, variant and year.  Original Equipment BWM tyres sometimes carry a (*) mark to indicate a BWM fitment.  This is a tyre that has been tested and developed with the car during build to achieve optimum performance.

BMW X5 Tyres Alternative Options

If you are thinking about swapping your original equipment BMW X5 tyres you should check out some of our recommended tyres.  Please note that you should check if your tyres carry the (*) BMW fitment mark before selecting an alternative.