Can a tractor tire be repaired?

Start by scratching the lining to remove it from the area to be repaired, and then apply a specific patch for tractor tires, which is larger than the size of the cut. To ensure perfect adhesion, the patch must be heated. A silicon membrane is used, which can be heated from 120° to 140°. The GCR Tyres %26 service will regularly inspect your agricultural fleet to detect upcoming tractor tire service needs.

These scheduled inspections are customizable and can provide information on tire condition and service forecasts. When you check the grass before you start mowing the lawn, hard objects may appear that could propel themselves from the blades at speeds of up to 170 miles per hour and make holes in the tires or cause other damage. If you notice that you have a tire that is leaking air, it most likely has a hole because of a sharp object that was in the grass. You can do the repairs at home to finish mowing the lawn and then take the tire to a shop for repair or replacement by a professional.

The best method for repairing holes in tires depends on the size of the hole. Using a shank replacement like this will allow you to forgo dismantling the tire, saving you time and effort. Although these are tires for low-speed equipment, it is still a dangerous game to operate a tractor (especially at relatively high speeds) with tires that have damaged side walls. Draw a circle around the area with a pen and continue the process until you find all the holes in the tire.

You should choose your tire repairer the same way you would choose a mechanic you trust based on the company's experience and reputation. Most of the time it is only necessary to partially disassemble the tire and, even more often, the tire will disassemble itself. If you have a sidewall fault, decode the size of the tractor tire on the sidewall and find a suitable replacement tire. The combination of patch and cap will seal the tire's air and prevent moisture from penetrating the tire shell, causing oxidation and internal rotting of the belt.

Operating in these environments inevitably ends with a wandering nail or screw getting into the tire's tread. Use the package generator to find the customized package of tires, technology and service that will lower your total cost of ownership. If a product fails within the first 30 days after installation or 6 months after purchase (whichever comes first), NTS Tire Supply will offer replacement, repair, or full refund of the purchase price, including labor. To find a smaller hole in the tractor tire, mix water and dish soap and shake it with your hand to form bubbles.

Move the lawn tractor forward to roll the tire until you have covered all parts of the tire with soapy water.

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