When is the Right Time to Replace Your Tractor Tires?

Tractor tires are essential for the smooth running of any agricultural business. They are heavy and powerful, and need to be replaced when they start to show signs of wear and tear. Cracks in the sidewall or in the lower section of the tread, dry rot, and a decrease in tread depth below 20% of its original depth are all signs that it's time to buy

new tractor tires

. At NTS Tire Supply, we have been providing farmers in Minnesota and across the country with

new and used tractor tires and tracks

since the early 1980s.

We test our new tractor tires, as well as competing tires, using our custom-designed 30-ton test vehicle. This helps us to ensure that our customers get the best quality products. Excessively worn traction tires can seriously affect tractor performance and increase operating costs due to higher fuel consumption. To avoid this, it is important to adjust the ballast as tractor applications vary and eliminate additional ballasts after the season is over.

This will help to achieve optimal performance. Wheel slip indicators on newer models of tractors make it easy to determine the slip rate of a tractor's wheels. In addition to evaluating tread wear, finding serious damage is another factor when deciding when to replace a tire. It is essential to keep tractors in good condition in order to ensure that the business runs smoothly and protect agricultural finances.

If you're in Minnesota, you can stop by NTS Tire Supply and talk to our experts about your tractor tires, whether you're buying new or used tires. We have a wide selection of new and used tractor tires for you to choose from. Learning about the history of the American tractor can help you appreciate how far this equipment has come. With proper maintenance and care, your tractor will be able to do its job efficiently for many years to come.

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