Why are tractor tires filled with beet juice?

The advantages of beet juice are that it is not toxic or corrosive to wheels. It is freeze-resistant to minus 35 F. It weighs about 11.0 pounds per gallon. Like the calcium chloride option, it is better at adding weight to the tractor than many other liquid ballast options.

There are three main reasons to fill tractor tires with liquids, such as water. It will increase the traction of the rear tires, reduce the center of gravity and prevent the rear tires from lifting off the ground when lifting heavy objects or by adding bucket loaders and other accessories to the front of the tractor. The weight of each wheel varies greatly from around 100 pounds per wheel to more than 1,000 pounds per wheel weight for utility and larger tractors. Watch the new Ask Tractor Mike video interview that explores why beet juice may be the best tire ballast.

Since tractors are huge vehicles that weigh at least 19,000 pounds, it is to be expected that all four tires on a tractor will also have to be substantial. In addition, it's worth noting that once tires are made of ballast, you'll need other types of heavy machinery (such as a forklift) to move, replace, or adjust them. Press the center of the tire's air valve stem, as if you were going to fill the tire with air, a small amount of liquid should come out instead of air. It also freezes at a relatively warm temperature (32 degrees F), leading to the risk of ice expanding as the tire is separated from the tire from the wheel.

There are several other methods for adding ballast to your farm tractor that are just as effective, if not, more effective than water. Always consult the equipment operator's manual and follow the safety instructions before operating or repairing any tractor or equipment, or attempting any task. As a result, this will reduce fuel consumption and will also decrease tire wear, increasing tire life. In the John Deer sales manual, they provide a table that describes the weight of the liquid per tire for a 40% fill and a 75% fill.

Tyre ballasting reduces the amount of air in the tire, which increases the amount of friction on the road and can make driving harder. What worries me most when using the tractor is that the rear wheels come off the ground when using the front loader or that it doesn't have enough traction when climbing on steep terrain. Adding liquid ballast to your tractor tires can significantly improve performance in many ways.

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