How tall is a 9, 5 x24 tractor tire?

The BKT TR-135 Farm tractor tire has good traction and. Below is a chart for converting the size of your skewed tires to a radial size for tractor tires. The BKT TR-135 agricultural tractor tire is also suitable for industrial and construction tire applications. The double-angle tread cleats of the BKT TR-135 agricultural tractor tire provide high traction and long tread life in both field and road applications.

With tires ranging from radial tires for agricultural tractors to large tires for excavators, BKT Tire is constantly developing new and innovative products. The BKT TR-135 agricultural tractor tires have a rugged housing for greater stability and safety for the operator. BKT agricultural tractor tires are available in a variety of designs and tread sizes to fit all types of equipment.

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