Everything You Need to Know About R1 Tractor Tires

R1 tires, also known as agricultural or farm tires, are the go-to tires for workaholics used on agricultural tractors. Their treads have large, widely spaced lugs, designed to generate maximum traction on difficult terrain (including mud and snow) without slipping or clogging. R1 tires are narrower than other types of tires, making them ideal for agricultural and farm use. The R-1 is a multi-purpose agricultural tire with excellent traction on muddy soil, while minimizing soil damage.

They wear out well in tough applications, such as cement, feed batches and with normal road use. R-1 Farm tires are made to withstand heavy loads, resist damage, wear out well with normal use, minimize soil compaction, and provide traction on and off the road to meet your diverse needs on the farm. We have popular brands such as Goodyear, Titan, Carlisle and Advance, as well as quality tires with discount brands. Most John Deere tractors can be equipped with any of the three tread options, but that doesn't mean just any tire will do.

Instead of making the tractor float or combining it on the ground surface and looking for traction, the R-2 lugs actually dig deep and scrape a layer of mud off the surface, looking for drier soil below where they can get traction. With the answers to these questions, the parts team will perform a quick diagnosis to determine which

tractor tire

is right for you. Just a few years ago, these agricultural tires with very deep studs were premium products, reserved for larger tractors and larger farmers. Tires that have different types of tread help tractors maximize their efficiency and productivity, each uniquely designed to offer optimal performance in particular applications and conditions. After considering soil conditions, think about how often the tractor will operate on paved surfaces, such as roads or concrete feedlots.

Used primarily on compact utility tractors, the Farm Specialist R-1 tire has a central lug superimposed on the tread that works in both wet and dry conditions. Let's say you have a small 70-horsepower task tractor in your equipment yard, a loader in the front, or a box scraper in the back that doesn't even leave the farm. Once you've decided on the right type of

tractor tire

, it's time to call local tire stores to find the best price. Tractors are used for a variety of tasks and work on all types of terrain, from agriculture and landscaping to snow removal and maintaining small areas. That R-1W lug will grab more dirt and propel the tractor forward more effectively, while the area between the lugs will keep the tire on the ground surface.

Today, in many regions, the R1-W is the “standard pattern”, and some tire lines are only available in the R-1W pattern. These tires are usually a good choice for compact tractors that will be used primarily for mowing lawns or for working on lawns or gardens. They provide excellent traction in wet conditions while minimizing soil compaction. When it comes to choosing an R1 tractor tire for your needs, it's important to consider your terrain type and how often you'll be using your tractor on paved surfaces. With so many options available today from popular brands like Goodyear and Titan to discount brands like Carlisle and Advance, you're sure to find an R1 tire that meets your needs.

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