Everything You Need to Know About R4 Tractor Tires

R4 tractor tires are a great choice for agricultural and industrial tractors. They are designed with a tread depth that is approximately midway between the depth of R1 and R3 tires, making them the ideal choice for road or hard terrain applications. These tires are typically made of a more wear-resistant compound that holds up well on asphalt and dirt, providing excellent traction for grass and grass applications. The Carlisle XTRA Grip R4 tire is a

multi-purpose tire for agricultural or industrial tractors

that is designed with a compound that resists cuts and penetration.

It also has a rugged and rugged construction to withstand the harsh operating site conditions. The reinforced shape and reinforced construction allow the tire to carry and support heavy loads with ease, increasing its performance in heavy duty jobs. If you plan to use your tractor to mow your lawn 80% or more of the time, these will be the tires for you. They offer the most traction of all

tractor tires

to ensure their forward movement on muddy terrain surfaces.

Made with a harder compound, these tires withstand the wear and tear of asphalt, concrete and gravel much better than their counterparts. The special tread design allows the tire to overcome all field conditions with ease, as it offers the highest torque. When it comes to mounting your R4 tractor tires, it is absolutely important that tire mounting is carried out only by specially trained personnel using appropriate tools and procedures. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MOUNT ANY TIRE PRODUCED BY SPECIALTY TIRES OF AMERICA (STA TIRE) ON A WHEEL THAT DOES NOT MEET THE STANDARDS OF THE TIRE AND RIM ASSOCIATION. Consult your tire manufacturer to determine if the tire can be used with the tire selected for your application. If you have any questions about which Kubota tractor best suits your needs, give us a call or send us an email.

With the answers to these questions, the parts team will perform a quick diagnosis to determine which tractor tire is right for you. Many stores sell these types of tires, including tire stores, agricultural supply stores, and even large stores like Walmart.

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