What are tractor turf tires?

R3 tires, also known as lawn tires, are designed to minimize damage to turf with a shallower tread depth. These tires are usually a good choice for compact tractors, which will be used primarily for mowing lawns or for working on lawns or gardening. Lawn tires offer maximum buoyancy and minimal disturbance to turf and other sensitive areas. Non-aggressive multi-block tread provides excellent forward, rear and side traction.

The CSL 48 R3 Diamond Tread tire features a high-buoyancy and lawn-friendly design. It is optimal for tractor applications where low ground pressure is required, such as golf courses or sandy soils. R1 tires, also known as agricultural or agricultural tires, are the standard tires for workaholics used on agricultural tractors. Its treads have large, widely spaced lugs, designed to generate maximum traction on difficult terrain (including mud and snow) without slipping or clogging.

A variant of the R1 tire, known as the R1W, is designed for use in especially wet and soaked conditions. The tread depth of an R1W is generally approximately 20 percent deeper than that of an R1 tire. So, while they work similarly on dry terrain, R1W tires perform better when the going gets tough. As for the tread depth and the space between the studs, they are located between the tires R1 and R3.

This combination of strengths results in a tread design that offers decent traction while eliminating mud and snow. There are 3 main types of tires that Kubota offers on its tractors:. These are grass, workplace (R4) and agriculture. Their functionality varies and they have specific functions for a variety of jobs.

Because of their strong housings and high puncture resistance, R-4 tires are also often the most durable of the three types of compact tractor tires. If you have any questions about which Kubota tractor best suits your needs, give us a call or send us an email. Made with cutting in mind, R-3s generally have treads that are less aggressive and shallower than other types of compact tractor tires, so they don't break or ruin delicate grass, forage platforms or grass. Agricultural tires have the deepest lugs and the largest bars of different types of compact tractor tires, offering superior traction compared to R-3 and R-4 tires.

In addition to being grass friendly, R-3 tires are also appreciated by operators for the smoothness they offer compared to other compact tractor tires. By achieving a balance between the minimum tread of R-3 tires and the aggressive tread patterns of R-1 tires, R-4 tires offer operators a good midpoint, making them the most common tires for today's compact tractors. Another feature that makes the Galaxy Garden Pro extremely attractive to compact tractor owners is its radial construction. These tires require maximum buoyancy and minimal disturbance to turf and other sensitive areas.

Non-aggressive multi-block tread provides excellent forward, backward and sideways traction. Radials offer a wider footprint, which distributes the weight of a tractor over a larger surface area and causes less damage to the grass. Large Turf, Diamond Tread, R-3 and Flotation tires are designed for use in sandy areas, airports, golf courses, cemeteries and road maintenance. .

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