What Can Farmers Do With Old Tires?

Farmers have a variety of uses for old tires, from securing plastic covers in food storage areas to creating decorative tire swings. Tires can also be used as fuel tanks, erosion prevention, and feeders. With the right care and maintenance, old tires can be reused in many ways on the farm. Tires must be cut in half or have large holes so that no water accumulates where mosquitoes can reproduce, according to state regulations.

Farmers may not have the time or money to make these costly changes, but they can still use old tires for practical and decorative purposes. Tire swings are a great way to create pleasant childhood memories, or alternatively, you can fill the tire with plants to make a planter. Old tires are also useful for livestock or neighbors who have them. Radial tires with strong side walls can be used as fuel tanks if they're kept in good condition.

If you have an eroding slope, you can install old tires to create a stepped slope and prevent soil from being swept away by water. You can also paint the tires to match your deck or patio, stack them to accommodate a tree or shrub, place them to create a staggered effect, or even hang them. However, burning tires can cause major environmental and health problems, so it's best to avoid this option. If you have too many tires than you know what to do with them, your state's solid waste department can answer all questions about recycling.

Tires are now being recycled for many uses, such as fuel tanks and erosion prevention. Finally, old tires make fantastic feeders since they are indestructible and can hold up against the elements. Alliance Tire has been working to develop in-depth knowledge of the agricultural, construction and forestry markets by meeting with customers whenever possible.

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