What Are Turf Tires Good For?

Lawn tires, also known as turf tires, are specifically designed for use on grassy terrain. They are the same type of tire found on most motorized lawnmowers and are designed to work on patios and grassy surfaces without leaving tracks. Kubota offers three main types of tires for its tractors: grass, workplace (R4), and agriculture. Each type has its own specific functions and capabilities. Lawn

tractor tires

are the least aggressive of all tractor tires and offer the lowest traction.

They provide adequate dry traction, but their performance decreases in humid climates. When the grass or road surface becomes slippery, the tire loses its grip and traction. Therefore, these tires are only recommended for use in dry climates. Logic would suggest that if the high-end range had a bit more power, it would also be able to release those tires. However, it is interesting to note that very similar results were obtained between the two ranges.

So, if you plan to use your tractor mainly for mowing your lawn, these will be the ideal tires for you. Typically, lawn tires have a circumferential tread composed of profiled blocks (e.g., chevrons or diamonds), a ratio between the tread and the low gaps, and round shoulders. Directional placement of the tread studs provides good ground and field traction. However, there may be times when changing size makes sense, such as when looking to expand a tire's footprint to reduce compaction, increase or decrease height, or when moving from imperial to metric size nomenclature. Radial lawn tires have a wider footprint which distributes the weight of a tractor over a larger surface area and causes less damage to the grass. The reinforced shape and construction allow the tire to carry and support heavy loads with ease, increasing its performance in heavy duty jobs.

Made with a harder compound, these tires are more resistant to wear and tear on asphalt, concrete and gravel than other types of compact tractor tires. However, R-1 tires have the deepest tread of all three types which can leave grooves in grass and turf due to their superior grip and design that is meant to hold onto the ground instead of floating on it. It is quite remarkable that I have enough traction here while sitting on this ice with my grass tires that I am unable to let go.

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