The Benefits of Beet Juice Tire Ballast for Tractors

Tractor tires are the lowest point on the machine, and adding liquid ballast to them can significantly improve performance. Beet juice is a recent addition to liquid ballast options, and it offers several advantages over other options. It is not toxic or corrosive to wheels, freeze-resistant up to minus 35 F, and weighs about 11.0 pounds per gallon. However, it is more expensive than other liquid ballast options.

Adding a liquid or fluid to tractor tires has been used as a ballast for tractors ever since they began using tires. More weight puts pressure on the tires to come into firmer contact with the ground: more engine power can be converted into traction power or into the thrust power of the front loader, before the power exceeds the grip and the tires lose traction and spin. The problem with using weights is that they exert excessive pressure on the axles and are prone to damage, just like any other external equipment. Beet juice tire ballast is an American-made product that is formulated using a by-product of the sugar beet manufacturing process, which offers the heaviest non-corrosive liquid ballast on the market today.

It is better at adding weight to the tractor than many other liquid ballast options. Each machine has a slightly different set of weight requirements, and before adding liquid ballast to tires, it is advisable to check the specifications and find the sweet spot between too little and too much. You must add air tubes to the tractor wheels with & tires, otherwise the steel wheels will corrode quickly. The biggest disadvantage of windshield washer fluid is that it only weighs 7.6 pounds per gallon, less than running water, which really limits the amount of weight you can add to your tractor.

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